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Material Lift Advantages

Sumner Lifts, in conjunction with The Werks, continues its tradition of quality and value with its line of Material Lifts. Built and designed for the job site, these Sumner products provide a safe and easy way to move the heavy loads on your construction site or warehouse.
Material lifts increase productivity by easily handling the heavy lifting of materials and product. It gives your employees an additional resource to get the job done in a safe and productive environment. Material lifts are compact and fit through a standard doorway making them the perfect addition for your work crew.

The Werks carries a variety of brand name material lifts offering several different models. Give us a call and let us help outfit you with the perfect Material Lift for your onsite and in-house heavy lifting.

Contact us today to discuss your lift needs and see how we can help.

  • Great for shipping/receiving, heavy material on shelves, HVAC installation/repair and more
  • Can be used as a hand truck, forklift or dolly
  • Most lifts load in a pickup truck for easy transport
  • Telescoping aluminum frame
  • Reversible steel forks and winch handle
  • Non-marking rear wheels and dual-wheel, front-swivel casters (standard and straddle base)
  • Rear-swivel casters with side brakes and fixed front wheels (counterweight base)
  • Optional load platform fits over forks for odd-shaped loads
  • Legs fold up and attachments are removable for easy storage on most units