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In 2002, the Wilton Tool Company and it's recent merger company, Warren Tool were acquired by WMH Tool Group (Walter Meier Holding Company AG).

The manufacturing of the Wilton industrial vises was moved from Schiller Park to Carpentersville IL where the Wilton brand was brought into a family of quality brands recently acquired by WMH Tool Group. Those brands included JET Woodworking and Metalworking and Powermatic Woodworking which became a new house of brands.

In 2008, Walter Meier brands, JET, Powermatic and Wilton consolidated and relocated their offices to Lavergne TN outside of Nashville from Elgin, IL. They continued to grow and survive through a very difficult financial environment.

In 2014, Tenex Capital Management New York City, NY acquired the JET, POWERMATIC AND WILTON brands from Walter Meier and changed the company name to JPW Industries where they continue to grow and outperform their competition with innovative, quality products and services.