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The Werks offers a variety of machinery repair services including Monthly Preventative maintenance programs, cylinder, shaft and gearbox repair and rebuild. Blade flips and grinding services through our qualified associates.

Complete machine rebuilds, electrical troubleshooting, Hydraulic and Pneumatic repairs, welding and scraping

The Werks is strictly a machinery repair company; that is our specialty. We do not service automobiles.

Yes, we can repair any machinery no matter the size and application, If it manufactures parts we can repair it.


We can certainly try. If we cannot resource the part through a distributor we can reverse engineer your part and recreate it in our Machine shop.

Yes! Our qualified staff can help you decide what type of machinery would be best for your shop and help you locate a resource for that machinery, whether it is with one of our affiliates or with a reputable machine dealer in the Valley.

Our goal is to make your shop as functional as possible with the machinery that fits your needs and your pocketbook.