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We provide a full range of machine shop services for companies who need fast turnaround on small or large pieces or components:

  • Grinding Capacity: Flat and round, ID and OD
  • Turning Capacity: Vertical 50"x 36" Horizontal 21" x 120", 30" x 12"
  • Threading, ID, OD, Acme and Modular
  • Gear Blanking
  • Cylinder Fabrication
  • Milling and Drilling
  • Shaft repair

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Our reputation has been built on 28 years of Quality, Service, Innovation, and Dependability in the State Of Arizona.

Whether it is a cutting, grinding or Milling machine, machine tools sustain small amounts of wear and tear, which gradually add up to more significant damage. When a machine tool becomes unusable or breaks, it is often more cost-effective for manufacturers to bring their broken machinery to a machinery rebuilder. Rather than completely replacing a  valued asset, machinery rebuilders can replace and repair specific components and minimize costs.

Because each kind of machine requires specific expertise and equipment, most machine tool repair businesses specialize in a particular type of machinery or repairs. This expertise is important both in the actual repairs as well as in the diagnosis process. If only one component is not working, mechanics can easily fix or replace the faulty component.

In some cases, however, the machine needs to be completely disassembled and rebuilt. In these situations, rebuilding takes less time and money than buying a new machine altogether. When rebuilding, machine repair companies can integrate new technology into the old machine in order to bring it up to current industry standards.

Machine tool repair can often take place on-site; for those operations that require the work to be done off-site, workers are typically sent to pick up the machine. A common task that machine tool repair businesses perform is scheduled periodic maintenance. Regular maintenance can help minimize the chance of catastrophic machine failures and also help machines run more smoothly.