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Our Phoenix Machine Shop was born out of pure necessity

The Werks C&C provides full-service machine repair for businesses and home machine shops across the state of Arizona. Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer a range of capabilities and services, including machine maintenance and refurbishing, reverse part engineering, manual machining services, and more. If you need a competitive turnaround and quality parts, you can count on The Werks C&C.

We decided to create our in-house machine shop when we couldn’t find a partner to fit our needs. As a service provider for hydraulic repair, fabrication and sheet metal machinery repair, we work with a wide variety of machinery and manufacturers. Parts were not always available, so we turned to local machine shops in Phoenix to re-create broken parts or repair worn and damaged components. But the turnaround was slow, or the quality didn’t meet our standards. Our solution was to create an in-house machining environment able to support our repair business. In the 1990s, The Werks C&C was started by Charlie Cozza and Craig Curry with a few hundred dollars and two old pickup trucks. The company now employs 15 people and services the state of Arizona with over 500 customers!

Our staff, equipment and facility allow us to offer a broad range of capabilities and services to our customers. We have the knowledge and technical expertise  to help our customers keep their operations running smoothly. We are able to set up and manage Preventive Maintenance programs. We are also the source they can call on to provide ongoing support for their day-to-day operations. From machine maintenance and refurbishing to general plant support services, we have the experience and versatility to provide them a source to support their manufacturing operations.

Custom fixtures design, build, repair
Machine Shop & Light Fabrication services
Machine maintenance and refurbishing
Reverse part engineering
Manual Machining Services, Lathe services
Welding, Grinding, Milling, Boring

Machine Shop Services

We provide a full range of machine shop services for companies who need fast turnaround on small or large pieces or components:

  • Grinding Capacity: Flat and round, ID and OD
  • Turning Capacity: Vertical 50"x 36" Horizontal 21" x 120", 30" x 12"
  • Treading, ID, OD, Acme and Modular

Our reputation has been built on 25 years of Quality, Service, Innovation and Dependability in the State Of Arizona.

Whether it is a cutting, grinding or Milling machine, machine tools sustain small amounts of wear and tear, which gradually add up to more significant damage. When a machine tool becomes unusable or breaks, it is often more cost-effective for manufacturers to bring their broken machinery to a machinery rebuilder. Rather than completely replacing a piece of machinery, machinery rebuilders can replace and repair specific components and minimize costs.

Because each kind of machine requires specific expertise and equipment, most machine tool repair businesses specialize in a particular type of machinery or repairs. This expertise is important both in the actual repairs as well as in the diagnosis process. If only one component is not working, mechanics can easily fix or replace the faulty component.

In some cases, however, the machine needs to be completely disassembled and rebuilt. In these situations, rebuilding takes less time and money than buying a new machine altogether. When rebuilding, machine repair companies can integrate new technology into the old machine in order to bring it up to current industry standards.

Machine tool repair can often take place on-site; for those operations that require the work to be done off-site, workers are typically sent to pick up the machine. A common task that machine tool repair businesses perform is scheduled periodic maintenance. Regular maintenance can help minimize the chance of catastrophic machine failures and also help machines run more smoothly.

Machine Shop Services

Lathe problems

On and Off-Site Services

If you need machine tool repair service, replacement parts, or preventative maintenance, then The Werks C and C has the skilled team you need to get the job done right. At our Phoenix machine repair shop, we will quickly repair virtually any kind of metal working machinery. Basically, if you can break it, we can fix it. We also offer on-site machine tool repair service throughout the entire state of Arizona. From hydraulics to pneumatics, electrical troubleshooting to replacement parts and installation, we’ve got you covered.

Material Lift Repairs & Sales

Material Lifts - Repair and Sales

Why loose your investment by replacing your used and tattered material lift when you can save approximately 50% of the price of a new lift by rebuilding or maintaining your old material lift.In most cases, The Werks C&C can rebuild your material lift and get it working like new. We can rebuild Sumner & Genie material lifts. Whether the lift is gas charged, electrical, or mechanical we will rebuild it from cables to complete mast assembles. Our facility carries a full inventory of replacement parts with factory authorized technicians for all your material lift repair needs.

Machinery Sales

Please Check Our Inventory

The Werks has spent 23 years developing a close working relationship with a majority of the “Fabrication Machine Tool” and “Sheet metal Fabrication Machinery Dealers” throughout the country and in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Let our team of professionals guide you as you decide how to invest in your future by purchasing a machine tool that takes your business to the next level. We offer a wide variety of consulting services to make your decision and purchase as stress free as possible. Hesitant to buy new? The Werks can refer you to several quality used machine tool and sheet metal fabrication machinery dealers throughout the metropolitan area. Scroll through our list of used and/or reconditioned machinery for a deal that cannot be beat!