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One of the services The Werks C&C Inc offers the manufacturing and building community is the repair and maintenance of Genie and Sumner manual material lifts.

A manual material lift is a tool used to help lift objects.

Jay The in-house repair specialist for lifts and other small machinery had this advice for any company bringing a lift to our shop for repair:

“Over the years, working on Genie and Sumner lifts I have noticed that it is the little things that will help keep a lift from being damaged or decrease damage that has already been done to the lift.

Transporting the lift properly will keep many parts of the unit from sustaining further damage during transport from the job site to the repair facility.

Other ways to avoid damage to a lift would be as follows:

  • Preform a pre-operation inspection before putting the lift into service.
  • Check the work space that the lift will be used in to ensure there is level ground for the lift to operate on.
  •   Do not “overload” a lift; this is a sure way to damage a unit immediately. Most material lifts have the weight limits printed on them and they should be followed for safety reasons as well as preventing damage.