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Repair Project

The most cost effective way to produce a product is with a machine tool that is fully functional. Many companies feel that if a machine is not broken do not fix it. That could not be further from the truth. Machine tools and tooling require regular adjustment and maintenance to perform at their peak. Proper lubrication lowers friction of way and slide surfaces as well as proper gear mesh and bearing wear. When we operate a machine tool of any type out of adjustment we are abnormally wearing parts. Parts that are used for proper alignment, which in turn produce parts on size part after part.

It’s important to take the time and research options in your local area for machine shop. This will help you ensure that your own business stays efficient and reliable in the delivery of the products or services you are providing to consumers.

The Benefits of of Local Machine Shop Services

  • Parts are usually available right when you need them
  • Quick turn around times for either repair or replacement
  • It’s easy to connect with onsite and in-house service technicians who can help you troubleshoot and find a solution 
  • They will often offer preventative maintenance programs that will help you avoid mishaps in the future 
  • You can save time and money by getting exactly what you need. “Instead of buying 20 feet of round bar, cutting four feet to use and storing the rest, I can call the store, get exactly what I need and won’t have to waste time, money or space on my floor,” said Jim Wagner, owner of a fabrication shop, in talking about his experience working with a local machine shop.

What’s the average cost of rebuilding tools?

Although it’s a common question, the answer to this is highly subjective. It relies on knowing what you need repaired, how quickly you need it repaired, and what sort of team is available for repairing it. Some machine shops charge by part, while others charge by the hours of service provided. Talk to your local machine shop and engineering services to see how they calculate costs.

Easy Troubleshooting Tips for Lathe Repair

  • If you use a lathe, make sure the drive belt is checked on a regular basis for both tension and consistency.
  • When you clean the chip, or gram, on a lathe machine, don’t use high pressure air to do so — this can cause the chip to enter the crevices of the machine.

Do you have any machine repair trouble shooting tips for others?